Weekly Challenges For Self Improvement

Have you been wanting to start your own weekly challenges for self improvement? You can also do these monthly or even daily.

A few common examples would be the the 10 day challenge and the 30 day challenge. It really depends on what you are looking for. I would highly recommend starting out with a weekly challenge just to get the hang of it and honestly, it keeps life more interesting.

Regular challenges will help boost your willpower, strengthen your discipline and you will create better, more healthy habits that you follow every day.

Top 5 Weekly Challenges:

100 Reps Per Exercise

100 Pushups, chinups, squats and situps per day. This can be very taxing so much sure you rest well when the week is over.

Cold Showers

Take a cold shower every morning. This will give you a range of health benefits.

No More Snoozing

Don’t hit the snooze button for the entire week. This is amazing how well this works for your general well being and confidence to get through the day. Starting with procrastion is not the answer.

3 Things You Are Grateful For

Find 3 new things you are grateful for each day. This will really help you achieve a more positive outlook on life.

Extra Sales Calls

Make an extra 10 sales calls. That’s 50 – 70 new calls per week, how much more money would that be for you? Obviously this is only for salesmen.

Learn A New Skill

Try learning a new skill for an hour each day. You could try learning the guitar, a new language or even how to programme. If you chose to learn programming there are tons of different languages. I would recommend Python as it is very versatile, easy to learn and in high demand.

Hopefully this article sheds some light on how you can create your own weekly challenges for self development.