An increasing number of Australians choose to call New Zealand their home

Australia used to be the preferred destination for New Zealanders, but that is no longer true. More people are moving out of Australia than coming here and this trend has been increasing in recent years.

In 2015 over 25 000 Australians left their home country while only 24500 moved permanently or temporarily under Australian law to live there instead – making it appears as though they had plenty more opportunities before deciding on emigration!

Many Australians find themselves longing for a new life in New Zealand. The country is relatively easy to move into and offers many of the same amenities as home, with one exception, instead of kangaroos or koalas there are wallabies and kiwis.

The most beautiful country in the world is New Zealand. The scenic landscape includes rugged mountains, striking glaciers and towering volcanoes that offer an outdoor lifestyle for those who love adventure or sport to take place amidst its natural beauty.

The relaxed lifestyle of the country is more appealing than that in Australian cities. It’s possible to live cheaper.

In today’s world, many people are looking for ways they can have less stress and greater quality time with their family by moving somewhere like New Zealand – where you’ll find beautiful natural scenery as well. But for those Australians who are thinking of studying, living and working in New Zealand let’s see some of the areas where you can take advantage.

Home Ownership:

There were many instrumental changes made in 2018 that changed the process by which international buyers could purchase a New Zealand house. Similar regulations are in place for Australia to limit international investment in residential property. These regulations were put in place for international buyers from both sides of Tasman to prevent locals being driven out of the market by overseas investors.

Australians who are interested in purchasing a New Zealand house from Australia are exempted from the Overseas Investment Amendment Act and do not have to pay the National Surcharge for foreign investors.

Permanent residents of Australia can purchase a New Zealand house as a residence. You can be sure that the house is fully settled before you book your flights to New Zealand or hire movers.


New Zealand is an awesome country to live in, and it’s even better if you’re a student. As Australian citizens or permanent residents can apply for loans from local schools. And don’t forget – these same benefits are available without any fees attached so long as your education has been physically provided by them at some point during their time here before applying.


KiwiSaver is a popular employer and government-subsidised scheme that helps save for retirement. Australians can transfer their savings from the Australian tax system into some providers of this kind, which is rather handy and helps migrating your super easier to do.


Australians who live in New Zealand have access to the full range public-funded health care. As long as they intend on staying for at most two years, Australians can be eligible for this great service. Australians without any plans of sticking around longer than that will still enjoy immediate hospital and maternity services along with prescriptions; all provided free by our wonderful country’s government (and people).

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